It’s Winter . . . So We Bake

One of my many wonderful memories from childhood is fridgid, snowy days when it was too cold for my dad to work.  He and mom would bake together.  This was not at all typical for dad and mom.  She was always in the kitchen and he was always outside.  But when the weather was the coldest and snowiest it could be, our little country kitchen was the warmest.  It still warms my heart to think about those snow covered winters.


Maybe that's why when I see snow flying I want to hunker down and bake.  The kids and I have always enjoyed baking together.  Cookies, pies, and bread.  When you're baking and cooking together, you're not just making food; you're making memories.

Now, go turn on the oven to 350 degrees (that's what most recipes call for) and grab your favorite cookbook or try something on that Pinterest board you keep pinning and dreaming about.  You'll warm your kitchen.  You'll make some memories.  And you'll enjoy something delicious when it's all done.

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