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Here is an Overview of What You Will Receive:

  1. Digital copy of ABC’s of homeschooling
  2. Digital copy of Workbook
  3. Digital copy of Duty Directory
  4. Hard copy of The Life Planner
  5. Sixteen weeks of guided lessons
  6. *Bonus week at the beginning of course. We assist you in developing a mission statement to get clear on exactly what you would love.
  7. *Bonus week at the end of course to help you develop a 90-day action plan to implement immediately

16 weeks of coaching and lessons:  1 -2 chapters of the ABC’s of Homeschooling each week plus self-development lessons to assist in making you the best that you can be for yourself and your family.

  • Laura will teach a new lesson on Monday mornings.
  • This will encompass the entire book of The ABC’s of Homeschooling and many of the lessons Laura has learned through high-end self-development classes. Lessons included but not contained in her book:  Your Higher Faculties (Imagination, Intuition, Memory, Perception, Reason, Will) and the Laws of the Universe (Law of Polarity, Law of Rhythm, etc.)
  • Lessons listed in her book include:  Attitude, Authority, Behavior, Organization, Example, Having Fun/Taking Breaks, Goals, Heart’s Desire, Imagination, Journaling for self, Journaling for a teaching tool, Why Kindness Matter, Love of Learning, Listening, Homeschool Habits, Nutrition, Overcoming Obstacles, Higher Power Guidance and Planning, Flow of Days, Weeks and Years, Importance of Mom and Dad Working Together, Technology, Unschooling, Virtues, Socialization, Do I Mark it Wrong or Not, Curriculum, Making Memories that Last a Lifetime.
  • The Guides, Maria and Julie will aid students in their studies and help them answer questions contained in the workbook.
  • Each guide is available two days per week at designated times.

Guides help parents in their understanding and inspire each individual student to persist steadfastly in pursuit of each heart’s desire, despite any challenges that may come up.

Guides help parents hone the innate gifts and talents of themselves and their children.
  • Question and Answer session each week led by Laura.

Questions must be sent into the private Facebook group by Thursday at 12:00 P.M. in order for them to be accepted into discussion for Friday’s session.


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