Pursue Your Passion

Guiding your child to use his or her God-given gifts and talents is one of the greatest contributions you make in your child’s life and to the entire world. Today children are encouraged to enter the fast track to make lots of money which is supposed to make themselves and their families happy, but instead of getting on a fast track to happiness, often they end up in a Rat Race that makes everyone in the family feel overwhelmed, over-worked and depleted of happiness.


Money is an important part of the society we live in today. We must have it to live a normal and comfortable life. But imagine living in a society where everyone discovered their right livelihood – their true passion. Naturally if we love something we do it well. Meaning – if you follow your passion you will succeed, because people will seek you out knowing you will do a good job. They will see your passion and be inspired by it. Imagine going into any business and the person behind the counter truly loved what he or she was doing. It would change our world in a day. People would not be hateful on the streets. People would not look to drugs or alcohol to make them feel better, because they would already feel great from using their God-given gifts. Families would stay together and divorce wouldn’t be as prevalent because husbands and wives would come home happier.


In my book,The ABC’s of Home Schooling, I dedicate a whole chapter on the importance of discovering your child’s Heart’s Desire. By noticing what a child is naturally drawn to you can pick up clues as to the path he or she was created for. Imagine if Thomas Edison, the Wright brothers, George Washington, or Jesus did not follow the path they were destined to follow. Our world would be completely lacking in many areas. Did you ever think that by helping your child discover what he or she was meant to do you could change the whole world?


For many years I did nothing but care for my family. I loved every minute of it and felt very blessed every day that I didn’t have to wake my babies so I could go to a job outside of my home. But I was losing myself. I had to do something more. My mother knew this and kept encouraging me to write. How do you begin a writing career with three young children? The Roman Emperor Hadrian would say, “Brick by brick, my citizens, brick by brick.” I took a few writing courses and was published in Home Education magazine. I did nothing more for years but kept stacking my bricks. This November I have two books coming out The ABC’s of Home Schooling, and The Life Planner, Discovering Yourself and Achieving Your Goals. If I can do it so can you.


Take the first step by asking yourself the question, “What is it that I love doing so much I would do even if I didn’t get paid?” I used to think, “Wow! If I could get paid for reading and writing that would be wonderful.” Now I do! What more can a person ask for than to get paid for what she loves doing. If you are unhappy with your chosen career, it’s not too late for you to change. Read the book, Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow, by Marsha Sinetar, it can really help. If your children see you doing what you love, they will be much more likely to do whatever it is they love, and the world can be a happier place.

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