Raising Butterflies

From the time my little ones were able to walk I started allowing them to help me with garden chores and teaching them about nature.  Here Keith is only about two years old.  Maybe that’s why he decided he wanted to be a farmer?


One of the easiest things we raised were monarch butterflies.  We used to use a jar, a lid with some holes poked in the top, a stick and some grass; today Amazon actually sells live caterpillars and everything you need for raising them.  

(Which is a lot safer for the butterflies.) Watching the dark caterpillars grow into their brown and yellow colored wings and then gently unfolding them revealing a beautiful butterfly was like watching a miracle slowly developing right before your eyes.

Everyone in our household was fascinated.  The best part was releasing them and watching them fly and land on a beautiful blooming flower.


Today monarch butterflies are becoming endangered because of loss of habitat and pesticides.  Milkweed plants are vital to the lives of monarch butterflies.  It helps if you plant indigenous species type of milkweed plants fairly close together to give monarch butterflies food and shelter.

If you would like to help the monarch make a comeback - click on the links above to start raising your very own butterflies and watch the magic begin.

Extra note:  You can even have your monarch habitat certified as an “Official Monarch Waystation” by visiting: https://monarchwatch.org/waystations/

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