SCHOOL’S OUT! SCHOOL’S OUT! Teachers let the monkeys out.  One went east, one went west, one went.....WHERE?  For many kids school is officially out for the summer.  For all those parents who were homeschooling this year, you can stop and catch your breath, pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  However, now is not the time (actually there is never a good time) to allow children to be constantly entertained with electronics no matter how educational these programs might be. Now is the time to encourage and train one of the higher faculties of their little brains – the Imagination.


Albert Einstein told us that imagination is more important than knowledge.  Wow!  That is a hard concept for people of today to get their heads around, but if you stop and think about this logically it makes sense.  Nothing new would ever be created if we didn’t develop and use our imagination.  Playing with toys that make no sounds and do not move on their own power might sound boring to you and your child.  If this is so, then you’ll have to dust off your own imagination to show them the unlimited possibilities within.  Give one or two of the toys listed below a try and see how much fun it is to use your wonderful and powerful imagination.

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