Snow Day

Whether you are homeschooling traditionally or were forced into it because of the pandemic take time to enjoy yourselves when nature is calling to you.  Snow is kind of a novelty.  We don’t get it very often, so when we do it feels a bit thrilling and fresh.  Think back to your childhood and how happy you were to wake up and have an unexpected day off.  I remember hovering around our kitchen table listening to my mom’s radio hearing the radio announcer’s voice go through the nearby counties holding my breath when they got close to the first letter in our county’s name.  When they called “Franklin County Community Schools Cancelled” a loud in-unison cheer consisting of myself and three siblings went out into the exciting morning.


Next was a flurry of breakfast, boots and mittens.  Followed by sleds and sliding and total fun.  Well there was the time when my little brother needed stiches because we slid into a briar patch, but he turned out fine. We won’t go into that.

The perfect snow day includes:

  1. Snow
  2. A happy disposition
  3. The proper clothing to spend the day outside
  4. Sled and hill(s)
  5. A fire inside or outside
  6. Rosy cheeks
  7. Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch
  8. A relaxing story time period alone or aloud with friends or family


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